Stay at the Airport Lounge Europe (single ticket)

Enjoy your time before your flight (to a Schengen destination) in the Airport Lounge Europe at Munich Airport. The Airport Lounge Europe offers the perfect atmosphere to start your journey in a very relaxed way.

  • Complimentary access for children under the age of two years
  • Airline independent Business Lounge for Schengen departures at Munich Airport, Terminal 1, Module D, Level 05 (after the security check)
  • 200 square metre lounge area with different comfort areas

Snacks and drinks for consumption in the lounge

free WiFi

national & international TV program

national & international newspapers

Duration2 Hours
CategoriesLeisure Activities
LanguagesGerman, English

Departure to Schengen Destinations

Important information

The ticket is valid only in combination with a valid boarding pass for the respective day. The ticket and the boarding pass need to be shown at the reception of the Airport Lounge Europe. The ticket is valid for a maximum stay of two hours per person. The ticket cannot be cancelled. Access to the lounge max. 3 hours before departure. Flights will not be announced! There is no access to the lounge for departures from Hall F. Please note that for departures from Terminal 1, Module A, the lounge is only accessible via the security checkpoint in Module D.


The Airport Lounge Europe is located at Munich Airport, Terminal 1, Module D, Level 05 (after the security check).
Airport Lounge Europe
Terminalstraße West Terminal 1 Modul D, Ebene 5, 85356 München-Flughafen, Deutschland

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Flughafen München GmbH
85356 - München-Flughafen
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